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What is Geekees?

Open your mind with Geekees!

The mission


Are you tired of looking left and right on forums for hours to get an answer to your questions? You are motivated and you have incredible project ideas, but you lack resources to carry them out or promote them? Geekees is for you!

The mission

The universe

Whathever you are an individual, a company, a professional or an apprentice, your ideas, opinions and knowledge will help build the Geekees universe that will evolve in time with you.

The mission

The mission

Bring together in a single application all passionate people from around the world and allow them to exchange or share about their interests. Moreover, to become a true inspiration for those who will be the next generation.

App responsive


Contribute to raising the level of knowledge of present and future generations by offering an application rich in information, educational and which gives the opportunity to make their dream a reality.

App responsive


The collaboration of a dynamic team leaded by several passions, sharing, exchange, solidarity and many other values will advance the ideas or projects of other users in the community faster.

“Alone, you move more faster, but together we will go further!”

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From the online gamer to the mass distributors, the students to the entrepreneur, alone or in a group, the artist or scientist, the inventor of the century, the erudite student, the teacher lacking in sharing To know, the programmer, the graphic designer, the repairer, in short, a passionate ... Everyone can use this application to make know their passions and their projects.
Sharing center

Sharing center

Share your knowledge, skills, ideas or help others by answering their questions about the topics that you are passionate about.



The place where you can follow the news of all your actions made in Geekees as well as publish quickly your solutions or your questions.



Do you have a project? A company? An organism? Or other? You can create your own Universe for free!

The GKS points

The GKS points

They allow to thank a user who inspired you in a passion, brought an idea or shared a trick you benefited.

Application Accessibility

Accessible on multiplatform, Geekees will be available to all, regardless of the age of the user and the method used to connect to it. Whether on a computer, a tablet, a smartphone or wherever a web browser exists, the application will be accessible, ergonomic, efficient and fluid.

The ability to customize interface colors, progressive loading of content and availability in 3.2 million cities around the world make it a fast, economical and environmentally friendly multi-language application that matches the values of individuals in general.

Privacy Policy

Any concepts or ideas shared on the application will be protected for the benefit of the user, somehow an online vault to protect its concepts. A safe and easily accessible platform for all.

Geekees has implemented high security measures to protect your data from loss or unauthorized use of information you post on the application.

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